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Economicus: In social theory "power" and "authority" are both translated as "власть". Is it bad and we should search for different Russian words?

J. Hass: Power means the capacity of A to make B what B otherwise would not do (Max Weber). This can be through coercion and violence or through authority. Authority means structured, legitimate power: I obey because I think it is normal to obey. Dependency and legitimacy are the two legs to authority: I cannot conceive a world without a “boss” and I depend on that boss for a paycheck, so I naturally obey.

Economicus: And what about translation? "Власть" for both? May be two-words translations: "материальная власть" and "легитимная власть"?

J. Hass: How about "полномочие"?

Economicus: Полномочие is all about formal legitimacy, but authority is broader as we understand.

J. Hass: Then probably best to differentiate between "власть" and "легитимная власть".

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