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account party
advisory authority
affiliated bank
American depository receipt, ADR
antidiscrimination laws
asset liquidity management
asset management
asset utilization
asset-based loans
balanced liquidity management
bank holding company
Bank Holding Company Act
Bank Merger Act
Bank Merger Act of 1960
bankers' acceptance
bankers' bank
basic or lifeline banking
Basle Agreement
below-prime pricing
Board of Governors
branch banking
brokered deposits
business risk
cafeteria system of compensation
CAMEL rating
cap rate
capital market instruments
cash management services
cash-flow risk
certificate of deposit, CD
charter of incorporation
commercial paper
commercial paper market
common stock
Community Reinvestment Act
compensating deposit balances
competitive effects
Competitive Equality in Banking Act
Comptroller of the Currency
Comptroller of the Currency, or Administrator of National Banks
construction loans
contemporaneous reserve accounting, CRA
contingent liabilities
contingent obligation
core capital
core deposits
corporate bonds
corporate notes
correspondent banking
cost-plus-profit deposit pricing
credit availability risk
credit bureau
credit enhancement
credit risk
credit scoring
crime risk
currency futures contract
currency option
currency swap
customer profitability analysis
customer relationship doctrine
de novo bank
debt-for-equity swaps
demand deposits
deposit fee schedules
Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act
dilution of ownership
disclosure rules
discount window
discounting commercial notes
dual banking system
duration gap
earnings risk
Edge Act subsidiaries
Equal Credit Opportunity Act
equity commitment notes
equity reserves
Eurocommercial paper, ЕСР
eurocurrency deposit
events of default
exchange risk
Export Trading Company Act
Fair Credit Billing Act
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
federal agency securities
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, FDIC
federal funds market
Federal Open Market Committee, FOMC
fiduciary relationship
Fiedler's contingency model of leadership
financial boutiques
financial department stores
financial futures
financial guarantees
Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act
foreign-currency CDs
forward contracts
funds gap
funds management
gap management
Garn—St. Germain Depository Institutions Act
geographic diversification
Glass—Steagall Act
Herfindahl—Hirschmann Index
holding period yield, HPY
home equity loans
index CDs
inflation risk
installment loan
insurance services
interest rate cap
interest rate collar)
interest rate floor
interest rate insurance
interest rate option
interest rate risk
interest rate swap
interim construction loan
internal capital growth rate
International Banking Act
international banking facility, IBF
International Lending and Supervision Act
interstate banking
Justice Department Merger Guidelines
laissez-faire leader
legal reserves
leveraged buyouts, LBOs
liability management
liquid assets
liquidity gap
liquidity indicators
liquidity risk
loan commitment agreements
loan option
loan participation
loan review
loan sales
loan strip
loan workouts
market risk
market-penetration deposit pricing
market-positioning benefits
McFadden—Pepper Act
merger premium
minority interest in consolidated subsidiaries
money market deposit accounts, MMDAs
money market instruments
money position manager
mortgage banking companies
multibank holding companies
municipal bonds
mutual funds
MсClelland's theory of need
negotiable CD
net interest margin
net liquidity position
nonbank banks
noninterest margin
note issuance facility NIE
NOW accounts
operating risk
opportunity cost
passbook savings deposits
pooling-of-junds method
portfolio diversification
portfolio shifting
preferred stock
prepayment risk
primary capital
prime rat
product-line diversification
profit margin
profit potential
project bans
project evaluation and review technique, PERT
public benefits
public need
real estate loans
relationship pricing
repurchase agreement, RP
reserve computation period
reserve maintenance period
residential mortgage loans
restrictive covenants
retail banks
retail credit
retirement plans
revolving credit line
right of offset
savings deposits
secondary capital
securities brokerage
securities loans
securitized assets
self liquidating loans
separation-of-funds method
service risk
servicing rights
shell branches
solvency risk
Sources and Uses of Funds Statements
standby letter of credit, SLC
state bank commissions
state banking commissions
stripped security
structure of funds method
subordinated debentures or notes
Super NOWs
supplemental capital
tax swapping
term loans
Thompson's technology categories
thrift deposits
time deposits
transaction deposit
Treasury bill
Treasury bonds
Treasury notes
trust or fiduciary services
trust services
Truth-in-Lending Act
undivided profits
Uniform Bank Performance Report, UBPR
unit banks
upscale target pricing
wholesale banks
wholesale lenders
Woodward's technology categories
working capital
working capital bans
yield curve
yield to maturity, YTM
account party

Платежная сторона (account party) — клиент, который просит о выставлении резервного (гарантийного) аккредитива банком или другим кредитором. 709

Банковский менеджмент. 2 изд.
М.: Дело, 1997.


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